Available courses

Mathematics is the most interesting and difficult subject for the students in senior classes. As mathematics is useful in all spheres of life, students should take utmost care to learn mathematics. The main aim of this event is to provide the proper platform to challenge their math skill in this global contest.

Step up and sing Music plays a very important role in our culture; it has the ability to strengthen the connection between the body and brain to work together as a team. Beside academic activities this type of competition helps students to showcase their talent and also to learn from each other, to coordinate, to support and after all the competitive spirit.

Cyber Crime A wireless network is something that lets your computer access the internet without using any wires or cables. Many people use them at home and at work. But Cyber security is a problem that we all need to be concerned about unless we take a few basic steps to protect our wireless network; anyone with a wireless-ready computer can use our network without your permission.

Our Sport: – BM Group of institute aims at developing over all personality of a student. We have larger sports ground which support different sports activities and event. Training is provided by our sports teacher to improve their physical skill. Our students participate in different sports activities at college, state and national level.