About Indore

                       Indore is the education hub of central India, boasting of IIT anddescription IIM the ace institutes under the aegis of Govt. of India. Indore is the only city in the country to have distinction of having both these reputed institutes. With moderate climate round the year, Indore is one of the best cities to dwell in. Indore has plethora of unique attractions to fetch students from across the nation like quality food, accommodation at affordable rates, and connectivity with major cities (by land, rail and air routes), coaching institutes for almost all the competitive tests. Indore is an industrial capital of MP and college is situated near the industrial area Pithampur and special economic zone. One point worth mentioning here is that there are many institutes which are offering postgraduate courses in Indore, so students need not move outside when they are done with there graduation. Overall Indore is a perfect blend of modern as well as traditional values and best for the outsiders.

  Campus Address :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email : info@bmcollege.ac.in
 Tel: 9329942552

City office :

Orbit Mall 103- 104 First Floor AB Road Indore
Tel Fax: 0731 -2572121 , 9926055906

Admission Enquiry :

Orbit Mall 401- 402 AB Road Indore
Email: info@bmcollege.ac.in,
Call : 9926055906

Corporate Enquiry :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email: tpo@bmcollege.ac.in,
Call: 78693-19948

Group Institutes :

BM College of Technology
BM College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research BM College of Management & Research
Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute

"Educating for Leadership"