Vision & Mission


                           " BM Group of colleges strive to carve its niche in education sector with a view that change is inevitable, therefore experience it and implement it. "

                              We at BM colleges aspire to emerge as a R&D centre, addressing needs of society and country at large in the field of technology, management and healthcare by making our students tech savvy and arduous.


                          "  To be avant-garde in all the fronts for betterment of society and country while making our students integral part in this voyage. "

  Campus Address :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Email :
 Tel: 9329942552

City office :

Orbit Mall 103- 104 First Floor AB Road Indore
Tel Fax: 0731 -2572121 , 9926055906

Admission Enquiry :

Orbit Mall 401- 402 AB Road Indore
Call : 9926055906

Corporate Enquiry :
Near Choki Dhani , Khandwa Road Indore
Call: 78693-19948

Group Institutes :

BM College of Technology
BM College of Pharmaceutical Education & Research BM College of Management & Research
Shri Bherulal Pharmacy Institute

"Educating for Leadership"